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          About Us

          Welcome to the Silver Creek Central School District! We are a public school district located in Chautauqua County in Western New York. We are dedicated to helping children learn, strive for excellence and become lifelong learners. We serve approximately 1,200 students from the Town of Hanover, Town of Sheridan, Village of Silver Creek, Irving, the Cattaraugus Territory, plus a small part of the Town of Brant. An estimated 12% of our student population is Native American from the Cattaraugus Territory. Our district has three schools housed on one campus to serve students in Pre-Kindergarten through grade 12. We offer the best of small community living with close access to the metropolitan areas of Buffalo, N.Y.,  Niagara Falls, N.Y., Erie, Pa., and Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

          Silver Creek Elementary School
          Phone: (716) 934-2603, ext. 1100
          Fax: (716) 934-2173
          Silver Creek Middle School
          Phone: (716) 934-2603, ext. 1400
          Fax: (716) 934-3760
          Silver Creek High School
          Phone: (716) 934-2603, ext. 1116
          Fax: (716) 934-2103

          Girl Scouts Make a Difference
          Stephanie VanCheri and Emily Bowers of Troop 20069 raised about $4,500 to purchase new appliances and other needed items for the Family and Consumer Science program. ...
          Read More About Girl Scouts Make a Difference
          2021-2022 Annual Budget Vote
          Check here for updates on our Annual Budget Vote and School Board Election. ...
          Read More About 2021-2022 Annual Budget Vote
          Coronavirus Update for Silver Creek CSD Families
          Check here for updates about the COVID-19 public health challenge. ...
          Read More About Coronavirus Update for Silver Creek CSD Families
          COVID-19 Travel Guidelines
          Check here for up to date information regarding travel guidelines. ...
          Read More About COVID-19 Travel Guidelines
          Key Club Italian Night Dinner
          SCCS Key Club is pleased to announce our annual Italian Night Dinner for Thursday, March 18th from 3-5 PM. Of course this year will require us to offer everything as PRE-SALE and TAKE OUT ONLY! ...
          Read More About Key Club Italian Night Dinner
          Prestigious Honor for Bouvier, Mott
          Two juniors at Silver Creek Central School District who are ranked in the top 10 percent of the Class of 2022 have been named nominees for sizable scholarships via the Rochester Institute of Technology. ...
          Read More About Prestigious Honor for Bouvier, Mott



          Parent Portal: If you would like to create a parent portal account but need your Access ID and Password, please call 934-2603, ext.4218 to have this information mailed home.

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